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Sea theme bathroom décor is popular and is expressed in a number of different ways. A bathroom with this theme can be painted aqua blue and depict all types of things that live under the sea. Blue is a soothing, tranquil color that also helps smaller areas like bathrooms appear much more spacious than they are. Or it can depict the seashore by incorporating sand colored walls with foamy white trim. Accessorize using seashells, sea glass, starfish and other objects you’d find while walking along the seashore.

Or punch up your bathroom using sea theme décor loaded with brightly colored fish. It’s doesn’t matter which aspect of sea life you select for your sea theme bathroom; you’re sure to find plenty of accessories to complement the look. Shower curtains, embroidered bath towel sets, tissue holders, towel racks, plush area rugs in traditional colors and shapes or shaped like fish, turtles and other sea critters finish off this look.

Sea theme bathroom décor is a popular look for outside bathrooms; those built to accommodate swimmers. These bathrooms are real bathrooms, not outhouse style, and they’re designed to get wet. Generally, they’re half baths.

-Custom wall lettering is easiest way to make a unique statement in your Bathroom
-The thin letters have the look and feel of paint, but they’re not
- Fast and simple way to add quotes on the wall, and other smooth surfaces around your home.
-Select a phrase from our extensive collection, or you are free to create your own message.
-Choosing from 40 different color options makes it easy to match your message to your room’s décor.
-Choose one from dozens of type styles we offer.
-Lettering height range from 1-12 inches



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